Hug Your Cat Day | HOUSEBROKEN

Hug Your Cat Day | HOUSEBROKEN

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Housebroken is an irreverent look at human behavior but told through the filter of an offbeat group of neighborhood pets. Throughout the series, the show centers on the pets’ dysfunctional relationships and their skewed world view, while exploring relevant societal issues in fun and unique ways.

This summer, FOX expands animation to Mondays, with the all-new pet paws-itive comedy HOUSEBROKEN. Featuring the voices of Lisa Kudrow, Tony Hale and Will Forte, animated comedy HOUSEBROKEN follows a group of neighborhood pets and stray animals as they work through their issues inside and outside their therapy group. HONEY (Emmy Award winner Lisa Kudrow, “Friends”, “The Comeback”), a standard poodle, opens her living room for the group to come and support each other through the misery, mayhem and majesty that is being a pet. Honey also struggles with her own problems, such as her arranged (by her human) marriage with CHIEF (Nat Faxon, “The Way Way Back”), a sloppy St. Bernard who enjoys eating socks and licking himself.

Hug Your Cat Day | HOUSEBROKEN

#Housebroken Sam Richardson has a message for you on Hug Your Cat Day.

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