Sabrina Carpenter – “Almost Love” Official Performance

Sabrina Carpenter – “Almost Love” Official Performance

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“Almost Love” Official Performance

We were knocked out by the raw talent of a formidable youngster on ‘Eyes Wide Open,’ and deeply impressed by the pop savvy that marked the music of ‘EVOLution.’ Sabrina Carpenter has been making advances since the moment we met her, and as we wait for her upcoming ‘Singular’ album, one thing’s obvious. Her skills continue to grow. Now 19, Carpenter seems far away from her early-teen girlishness. Watch her in the video for “Almost Love” and you’ll see a grown-up woman having grown-up fun. Pay attention to the track’s details and you’ll be even more impressed. Carpenter’s vocals are wisely sculpted and impressively rendered. The talent driving that voice is unmistakable in the stripped-down performance she turned in when she recently visited Vevo. With just a guitar accompanying her, Carpenter lifts the song into the sky. It’s a thing of beauty, and a hint at what we’ll be hearing when ‘Singular’ arrives.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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Sabrina Carpenter
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